Merritt Island Airport (COI)
                           Oct 19 6:49
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Tony Yacono - Nov 30,2014   Viewers  | Reply
    I have been connected with the Merritt Island Airport since 1949 (so far 65 years) The Airport was moved from Cocoa where the National Guard Armory is now located to Merritt Island Thus COI (Cocoa Island) Only a spot where the best Mosquito in the State of Florida lived. Many Volunteers worked to make this land an airport. The Airport was deeded to The Brevard County Mosquito Control at the beginning and I can remember, grass, stumps, no buildings but a small house trailer and a clothes line for the drying of clothes for the care taker. Mosquito Bi-planes tied down to the removed stumps. Two run ways were part of the Airport, however the North South runway was too short and no place to grow. The winds however did favor the east west runway. Then came some Black top, buildings, Hangers and the items Airports need. I had several hangers until the twin T-Hanger was built so many years ago. I have some many memories and stories about COI, I hope I can write them down and that someone with the writing skills can PUT THEM TO GATHER.     

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