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New Look - Coming in November, 2017
(This has been delayed because of the Family Lobby migration and new functions still coming in October.)

An optional new look will be available in the November, 2017 timeframe.

We are working on a "responsive" new look that will make your site easier to look at with a tablet or cell phone. The original look will also be available.

We are doing this due to the requests of many sites that what their members to be able to use small screen devices with this web site.

You can preview the New Look Home Page by clicking here. At this time, only the Home Page is available for review.

Please provide all feedbacks on this new look and feel by using the "HELP" link at the top of the page.

Several options will be available for this new look.

  1. Administrators will be able to use this new look as their default look for the web site or keep the original look.

  2. Members will be able to easily switch between the original and new look.

We are sorry for the delay of this new look. A lot of changes needed to be made.

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